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Why Choose

CPE Group?

It’s not About Us, It’s About You 

Delivering positive Customer and Partner Experiences is what CPE Group stands for. 

Our whole ethos is built around customer satisfaction and an overwhelming desire to drive successful business outcomes through our engagements.  Think of us as your outsourced role of Chief Simplification Officer (CSO.) 

Across businesses of all sizes and segments, bringing together the best cloud-based technology solutions and delivering impactful, cost-effective consulting services is what we strive to deliver. 

The easier the solution, the better the outcome is almost always the right path towards achieving your goals and objectives.


CPE Group was founded in 2017 to deliver innovative solutions and services to enable targeted sales and marketing, business and financial data analytics, and workflow automation.


With over twenty years of technology and commercial experience across multiple vertical industries, CPE Group are well positioned to support your business strategy, goals and aspirations. 


After all, technology must be thought of as an enabler, and the application of it must positively impact business growth and profitability.  Otherwise, why invest… 

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