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Better business decisions start with better insights 

In an ideal world, business decisions come with limited risk.


Knowing and understanding key financial performance indicators can help identify trends that shape future demands, drive business growth and positively impact profitability. 

Start with data, drive to insights, arrive at actions 

A business that has access to the right information at the right time in the right format is far better placed to make well-informed decisions and improve services to clients. 

​Our self-service financial dashboards drive business insights by presenting a more dynamic view.  One single version of the truth that puts everyone in the company on the same page.

Transform your business decision making abilities 

Industry standard insight tools are used to present rich, interactive, engaging reports in a visually compelling way, complete with capabilities for drill-down analysis.


​Reports are designed for secure access through web browsers and optimised for all major mobile devices via native applications, with touch enabled views included as standard. 

Our core financial reporting dashboard suite can help with: 

  • Identification of trends 

  • Profit and margin measurement 

  • Minimisation of costs 

  • Multi-company consolidation requirements 

  • Year on year and historical comparison 

​Extended analysis through familiar desktop applications such as Microsoft Office Excel is also possible with data export options provided to further empower users. 

Looking to make better business decisions by having your core financial data available on-demand, wherever you are today? 


Start with data 

Business decisions made after data has been collated and analysed are far more likely to result in successful outcomes, more efficient processes, happier customers and increased sales.

Computer with Graph

Drive to insights 

Making information more broadly and securely available through cloud-based technologies can provide flexible reporting on demand and remove the need for unnecessary admin, paperwork and printouts. 

Data on a Touch Pad

Arrive at actions

Bringing these capabilities into the decision-making process can enable businesses to gain deeper insights into financial performance and make more informed decisions through intelligent use of insights rather than individual opinions. 

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